Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rasa Libre Leftovers

Been out shooting with the Rasa Libre crew. Here's some stuff that I've been sitting on. And to start you off:
BAM! Rasa flowbro Jameel Douglas with a Hardflip and the currently skateable Union Square gap.

This spot may look fun, but it is a bitch to skate. Uphill run up, plenty of people moving by, and fast moving traffic about 10 feet away. Regardless, Evan Kinori came through with this front board pop out.

Jesse Narvaez with a switch ollie at this fun little spot. Jesse has been handling business as of late. If you haven't seen his part in the Rasa Libre video, go check it out.

Zach Chamberlin is the Rasa filmer, but he also rips. East bay 5-0.

And I will leave you with this.Matt Field - Ollie