Monday, July 21, 2008

28th and B (and more)

We've been building some new ramps at the park. It's been pretty good for photos. So, here are a bunch I have shot over the past month.

Andrew Dellas - Fakie Tuckknee from the old into the new.

Ricky Krull - Frontside Ollie

Tristen Moss - Crailslide

Tristen Moss - Backside Disaster

Taylor Bingaman - Ollie to Fakie

Taylor Bingaman - Backside Ollie

Sean Stout - Taildrop into a not-yet-finished ramp.

I have also taken a few photos outside of the park:

This is a photo of Will Greyson doing a Bigspin Frontboard. It's a little hard to tell what it is, but if a certain someone (who happens to be in the aforementioned photograph) would sell me a certain camera which he inherited, then I could have shot a sequence of it. Jackass.

Blue Turner - Big ass feeble.

Blue Turner again - Back Smith.

My ankle hurts.