Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Break Fun

So I was back in Sac for spring break. My main goal was to seriously shoot as many photos as I could. I think I did pretty well.

Zach Taylor:

Zach is a man am from my dad's home town of Akron, Ohio. He rides for Matt Rod's company Frontline. He's sick. He called me up to shoot this wallride nollie out into a sketchy bank. This spot is right next to a barber shop, and at one point the barber came out and said, "Have you landed it yet?"

Sean Stout:

Sean's a cool kid. He just calls me way to much.
"What Sean?"
"Get you ass down here! Let's shoot a photo!"
"Alright. Where you wanna go?"
"Oh. I dont know."

When we did get this photo of a giant lipslide down Safeway rail, the conversations changed into something like this:
"What Sean?"
"You post that photo yet?"
"I want that shit for Myspace!"

Tristen Moss:

Tristen is sick. Too bad we was pissed off all the time beause he was riding the wierd "Funky Yoyo" wheels. Good thing we wasn't riding them when he pulled is Pivot Fakie on Madison wall.

Kyle Duval:

This was Kyle's first time skating the table at Southside. Yeah. He pulled this stylie Nosegrind. Butters.

Aaron Harrison:

Aaron took me out to this ridiculous wallride spot out at McClellen Airforce Base. He wanted to shoot an Ad of a kickflip wallride. Unfortunetly, we got kicked out a the security guard. It's probably a good thing we didn't spend to much time there. I hear that place has pretty high toxic waste levels.

JR Dias:

Yeah. JR pulled this Switch Ollie down this massive gap. IN A LINE. JR is amazing. Hands down.

Dave Urke:

Dave is one of my favorite people to go out shooting with. Not only is he a great guy, but you are almost garunteed to get a photo. This day we went out, we went t this spot, which everone describes as "a spot I skated when I was 15." Whatever I thought I was fun. Dave pulled ut a Front Blunt.

After this spot we headed to this crazy gap-to-rock bank spot. I feel like a dick because I basically made Dave ollie into a sketchy rock in fading light, and the picture was out of focus. Sorry Dave.

Blaine Barker:

This was the first time I had ever skated with Blaine. This guy is ridulously good. He has the hook-up with DVS and definetly deserves it. This clean Backside Tail is just a taste to his smoothness.

I don't even know what to say about Blaines Frontside Flip Wallride. I was just blown away.

To see more of Sean, JR, and Blaine check out this promo for the new DigiLurk video.