Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rob and Judd came down!

Alright. In this post, I am trying that cool linky thing everyone is doing. Hopefully it works.

So Sacramento locals and total shredders Judd Hertzler and Rob Mason came over to San Francisco yesterday with filmer Jack. We first met up at 3rd and Army to skate this new tranny thing. Rob got a sick Back 50-50:

and a Back Lip:

We ended up going to a couple other spots, including this shitty ditch. We got some shit done, and went for burritos. Fantastic.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gap madness!

Hey, what's goin on?

With this update, I am sharing with you the events on one day in July. I think. Anyway, the plan was to meet up with Andrew Pott and Jorge Comelli down at this little warm up gap. We were then going to go to a ten stair down the street that Jorge wanted to switch heel. The switch heel photo didn't happen, but I got some sweet shots at the little warm up gap. Enjoy.

Andrew Pott - Nollie Varial Heel
Jorge Comelli - Varial Flip
Jorge again - Switch 360
Jorge one more time - Nollie Heel
Some kid - Frontside Flip

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I am waiting for French class to start

So, in the meantine, here are some photos I took of the talented Mr. Apollo Cutts, an up-and-coming skater from the Sacramento Area.

Tre Flip Fakie

Nollie Flip Fakie

Frontside Noslide

Monday, August 27, 2007

First few days in SF

Here we go. First post.

I've just moved into the dorms here at SF State. Classes start tommorow. That's cool.

I've been skating around the campus a bit, just to get a feel of the area, looking for spots. I've bombed a few fun hills, but thats about it so far. I've met a couple people around the campus who skate, so hopefully we'll be skating soon.

I'll start you guys off with a photo I took recently back in Sacramento before I moved.

Tristen Moss - Back Smith on the new Rainbow Rail at 28th and B.