Saturday, June 21, 2008

In memory of David Zolotar

David was an amazing person and skateboarder. Always there to lighten th mood or keep us on our toes. If there was one thing David was not, it was boring. His absensce leaves a big void in the Sacramento skate scene. This switch Bluntslide (taken in 2005) is the only photo I ever shot of him. I really wish I had shot more.

Roll in Peace.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Yeah, whatever. Photo time.

Jeremey would have definetly landed thing Blunt on the R and 2nd wall, but that bar one the top didn't let him pop back it. Who's got a hack saw?

This is Justin. I had another frontside flip photo of him earlier on the blog. I labeled him as "Some Kid." Well this Frontside Flip is considerably larger, and his name is not "Some Kid." It's Justin. Get it right.

Oak Park Gap:

Oak Park gap confuses me. It was as if someone was like:
"Let's build an absolultley perfect gap, with perfect run up and perfect landing. Yeah. And let's put it in the shittiest, most dangerous part of town."

Been here a lot latley. I don't like going here though. It's to stressful to keep an eye on all my equipment ALL the time, and there are all these lurker kids that ALWAYS follow you to your car after the sesh is over.

Never the less. It's good for shooting photos.

Randy Leal - Frontside Flip

Blue Turner - Crail Grab

Caleb ? - Nollie Flip

This Drew guy is REALLY good.

Back Tail