Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Sacto Shredders!

Alrighty here is the second dose of Sacramento skateboarders.

This is Ohio native, Andrew Dellas. Andrew rides for Matt Rodrguez's company Frontlnie and is the new golden boy of skateboarding. Here he is catching a lofty stalefish in Woodland. He had a clip in Transworld's "Let's Do This!" Did you cacth it?

This is another Ohioan, Zach Taylor. Zach also rides for Frontline, and has the most obscure bag of tircks ever. Never challenge him to a game of SKATE. He will destroy you. Here he is doing a 360 Boneless on the granliest hip ever.

This is my good buddy Kyle Duval. He just spent a couple weeks in spain and got to skate the coolest shit ever. Here he is catching a Nollie Flip back in his hometown. This also happens to be Kyle's first nollieflip down a gap. Go Kyle!

This is Mark Dillon. He recently graced the SLAP website as one of the OIAM finalists. But you assholes din't vote him into the top five! Well, anyway, here he is doing one of his signature 180 noseginds on a tall ass rail.

Tristen Moss has already appeared on the blog a couple times, so I won't say much about him, except that he loves having fun. As evidendenced by this stylish Tuck-Knee.

This is Phillip Frost, on of the funniest individuals on the planet. You may remember him fron his Transworld Trick Tip for Nollie Front Noselides. Here he take's his signature trick down the Davis rail.

My finger hurts.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sacto Bros!

This post is devoted to all my homies back in Sac!
This is Dave Irkie, or Naughty Dave. he is one of the the gnaliest people I have ever met. This gap is off someone's porch is ridiculous. He told me once he drank a whole bottle of Robetussen PM, and ran around a park for 2 hours to fight off sleep. After that, he said it was like being drunk, high, and on LSD all at the same time. But he's been clean for two years. Keep it up, buddy! This clean pop shuv was done by my homie Alfonze Marquez. Al has a serously sound head on his shoulders. Big Simpsons fan. Love's his Guiness.
This is joe Huerta, AKA the whitest mexican I have ever met. Joe's a really good friend. Been skating with him for years. He's got the crasiest bag of flip tricks ever. Here he takes a break form donkey flips to bring you this tall crooked grind.
This is Pedro Silva, one of the greatest kids I know. He knows where his priorities lie, and thats something you got to respect. Here he is catching a pretty large kickflip down at Power Inn park. Only a few hit this set.
"This is Nate Petty, or Nasty Nate. He's pretty fuckin good on a skateboard. He originally hailes frome some town in Washington. I think he likes Sac better, though.
This is Will Greyson, one of the funniest people you will ever meet. Also got some serious rail skills. Here he is showin off with a gap to front board.

More Sacramento Shredders in the next post!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Cruisin with John Bird

Nice face John.

So I ran into John, an aquaintice of mine from Sacramento, and we decided to go skate. We first hit up Golden Gate park, but, to our dismay, te foutain was blocked off. So instead, John tore up his hands when olling this beast.

From there we moved on to this sick flat gap spot where John got a sweet Backside Flip:

If you notice in the photo, it seems that some homeless, aspiring artists has moved into this spot. There were these pretty cool drawings just lying around.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More where that came from

Here are some more of those groovy photos taken with my Rolleiflex.

San Francisco - 2006

San Francisco - 2006

Sacramento - 2005

Have a great day.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Astronomy class sucks.

Thats why I am not there. Instead I am here. Updating my blog.

This time I'm taking a break from the skateboarding to bring some photos I have taken using a Rolleiflex camera.

And you thought I coulden't do the whole Black and White thing. Shame on you.

San Francisco - 2006

San Francisco - 2006

San Francisco - 2006

Sacramento - 2006

Just a little pick me up.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

What a wonderful socialist holliday.

To celebrate, here are some picture of people tearing up this giant metal box we found. Enjoy.

Tristen Moss - Crooked Grind

Tristen Moss - Back 5-0

Don Somethingorother - Front Nosegrind

Andrew Dellas - Back smith

Andrew Dellas - Back Tail